Inductions and Training


Moving to the UK and Sheffield

If you are joining us and coming from outside Sheffield or the UK:


Once in Sheffield

When you start with us, you will receive an induction at the departmental level. Prior to starting in the lab, you will need to undertake a number of university training:

Current Health and Safety Law and the University’s Health and Safety Code of Practice require that ALL staff undertake fire training annually. Additionally, anyone who requires ‘out of hours’ access is also required to undertake fire training annually.


  • Your first fire training must be completed in person, and annual refreshers can be completed online. You can register at this address.
  • Fire training is valid for 1 year


  • To work out of hours you must have current OOH & fire training.
  • OOH training is valid for 3 years
  • Safety Services are no longer running the practical Out of Hours training sessions, this is now to be completed on-line by both staff and post-graduates who wish to work out of hours.
  • For the on-line training, please go to: this address
  • It is your responsibility to monitor your training record.


In the lab

Prior to working in the laboratory, you will receive an induction training (to be arranged with our laboratory technician). Additional training might be necessary for sensitive pieces of equipment or protocols (microscope, BOSE machines, cell culture).


If you wish to purchase new reagents, or equipment, we have a google document where you should list your request.

link: Google Purchase Page

Please ask to be added to that document if you are not yet included.

Prior to ordering new reagents, make sure that you have filled the adequate CoSHH and risk assessment forms (please provide an MSDS with you application). You need to send it to and fill the corresponding forms:

You need to bring a printed copy in the lab to add in our CoSHH folder.


Use of our equipment is shared with external members. Each equipment has its google calendar to minimize scheduling conflict.